Thursday, March 16, 2017

5 foods that can help to flatten belly

1. Almonds, walnuts and dry fruits with skin.
They are high in calories, but they provide protein and fiber with a satiating and energetic effect. They will help you train hard and not be hungry. They are taken in small amounts. They help you build muscles, to keep your energy constant during exercise. It help reduce appetite, regulate the digestive system and not fatten if taken in moderation. Protect your heart, prevent the onset of cancer, hypertension and diabetes and can even prevent wrinkles.

2. Oats.
A cereal that increases energy and vitality. It also lowers cholesterol and helps maintain steady sugar levels to avoid snacking between hours. Its high content in soluble fiber satisfies and helps eliminate metabolic wastes.

3. Chicken, turkey and lean meats.
You can take a daily ration of meat on a sports diet, choosing low-fat meats, varying the type of meat each day and cooking the grilled meats seasoned with garlic, lemon and herbs, without breading, without sauces or Frying. Chicken is lower in fat than other meats and provides protein, iron, zinc, vitamin B6 and B12, phosphorus and potassium. Veal meat also provides creatine to increase muscle volume and more iron to be more red. Pork is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and more flavor, and rabbit meat, more savory and salty and is low in fat and rich in iron and B vitamins.

4. Avocado.
A very caloric fruit because it contains 30% fat, but they are monounsaturated type that help you lose abdominal fat. And they are associated with vitamin E antioxidant that neutralizes the action of free radicals, involved in inflammatory processes that can cause obesity. Do not be afraid of avocado because in small amounts it is a satiating food and helps regulate the appetite and control the intake of fats.

5. Water.
Drinking between two and three liters of water a day, distributed throughout the day is the best way to avoid gaining weight in the belly and keep the stomach in its place.

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